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Why romantic novels?

Let’s face it: Artistic qualities aside, fiction is mostly a pre-motion pictures escape from everyday reality. The stunning popularity of the genre (no, really, check out our piece on the romance book industry in the United States; the numbers are crazy) is merely a reflection of the importance so many of us place on love. Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare’s eponymous play are said to suffer from being “in love with love.” Readers of romance novels are everyday Romeo-and-Juliets, ever young in the joyous pursuit of Eros – but without that, likesay, messy suicide/homicide bit…

Why is romance fiction so popular?

One may as well ask why so much of poetry is devoted to the subject of love, or why nearly every Hollywood (and Bollywood!) movie requires at least a token love story.

But isn’t romance fiction just a trashy genre of writing?

Here’s another truth we should face: At least 95% of everything in art and entertainment is crap. Thanks to the success of Barbara Cartland, Danielle Steel and others, publishers with eyes on the prize (read: bottom line) do tend to insist on formulaic, cookie-cutter stuff so as to be more easily marketable and less unexpected. As with any other literary genre or art form, though, greatness can exist on the edges.

Consider, too, the long history of romance fiction. Writers like Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters were writing classics well before the notion of literary genres was birthed, and today these ladies may be included among any list of all-time great writers of England. If you're a fan of Romance and Love stories, but also like to play slot games centered around Love themes, there are plenty of Romance-based slot games to choose from. Being a romantic myself, and a avid casino slots games player, I find myself usually playing these romantic slot games. At numerous online casinos. I'm embarrassed to admit, that I am a romantic at heart, searching for love at the online slot machines, and hopefully my love and Jackpot will come in one day. One such slot game that I continuously play and have won a few jackpots on is the game Cupid & Psyche on

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But are romance novels a relic, then?

Ask the publishers of Fifty Shades of Gray. Sure, to this pithy answer one may reply with “but that’s erotica.” Perhaps – and we should certainly expect more in the erotica subgenre in the 20s: According to a 2017 study, though only about 15% of romantic fiction may be classified as erotica, erotica as a subgenre was the second-most popular among regular romance readers.

With or without monstrous best-sellers like Fifty Shades, though, the romantic novel is alive and well. Throughout the 10s, romance novels have represented between 26% and 30% of the total bookselling market in the United States and have consistently generated profits nearly double that of the next-nearest competitor, Christian-themed fiction. $1.5 billion per year is nothing to sneeze at – and absolutely no indication that the genre is going anywhere.

Great classic romantic novels

Great classic romantic novels
Who says romantic novels can’t be heady? Romance has its share of literati glittering in its history as in any other writing genre; as romance was among the very first genres within the wonderful world of novels, this history stretches back centuries and includes some of the greatest who ever penned a line.

Barbara Cartland and Danielle Steel: The queens of romance fiction

Barbara Cartland and Danielle Steel: The queens of romance fiction
Any discussion of the romance novel’s history would be incomplete without a proper allotment of props given to Barbara Cartland and Danielle Steel, the queens of romance fiction – if only by the sales numbers alone.

The Romance Fiction industry

The Romance Fiction industry
As one of the very first genres in fiction – heck, the Brontës were publishing 40 years before Sherlock Holmes pounded the London streets of Arthur Conan Doyle’s imagination – romantic fiction has always held a particular place in the hearts of … publishers.